Health benefits to meet your needs!

Employee Health Benefits

UnitedAg has been providing health benefit plans exclusively for the agribusiness industry since 1983. All plans have access to our health and wellness centers that offer a full range of services from acute and episodic care to disease management and prevention. We've developed a series of creative and demographic-specific programs that provide the amount of control or flexibility your organization desires.

Custom Plan Options

We offer innovative plan options, free COBRA administration, nationwide prescription drug program, vision and dental plans.

Broad Network Options

In or out of state, your workforce will be covered by our broad health network.

Benefits Made Simple

We provide tools and resources such as the Benchmark Report and the Member Guide to help you understand and maximize your health benefits.

Let's have healthy conversations.

Led by our Chief Medical Officer Dr. Rosemary Ku, HealthChats is a bi-monthly webinar series designed to help you live your healthiest life. Join us each month for a 30-minute conversation about the health issues affecting our community and get tips on how to manage and prevent them. Available in English and Spanish.

To learn more about our health benefit plans, contact our Sales Team.