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CMO Message: Substance Abuse

Drug addiction, or substance use disorder in medical language, is often considered a disease. With this notion comes an enormous amount of stigma, shame, and isolation which makes seeking care extremely difficult.

Individuals who regularly abuse substances may be in denial and family and friends may be uncomfortable confronting their loved ones. In fact, only 1 out of 10 people with substance use disorder receive any treatment at all. When left untreated, addiction can lead to interpersonal conflict, disability, suicidality, and life-threatening accidents and medical emergencies.

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Premium Healthcare for Members

UnitedAg's Benefit Trust (UABT) is the recognized leader in providing health care for agribusiness. We have earned a reputation for successful health plan innovation. Since the creation of the non-profit Trust health care plan in 1983, approximately 3 million individuals have received benefits associated with this association-sponsored plan.

To date, UABT has paid over $1.3 billion in health, dental, vision and life claims to participants. UABT has saved employers millions of dollars in premium costs since the Trust’s inception. These savings, coupled with UABT’s emphasis on customer service, the ability to see any doctor, anytime, and quality health care have made this plan the premier medical coverage available in agribusiness today.

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Membership Levels


Organizations that have a direct relationship to tot he agricultural industry as defined within the Standard Industrial Classification. Regular members are entitled to all benefits.

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Organizations who are members of an association, cooperative or parent company which is a regular member of UnitedAg. Associate Members are entitled to all benefits.

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Organizations who do not meet the criteria established for Regular Membership and/or Associate Membership. Affiliated Members cannot participate in UnitedAg Trust.

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Member Testimonials

Loretta Brown

Loretta BrownOffice Manager

I joined the WomenAg Academy to enhance my leadership skills and to network with women in the Ag industry. I’ve enjoyed the bond I established with the other ladies, and the understanding I received of my situations. I learned that I was not in this alone. All things are possible when we work together.

Carrie Jordan

Carrie JordanHuman Resources Director, Babe Farms, Inc.

“As a member of the Education Committee, I’m focused on what UnitedAg is doing for the Ag community. UnitedAg is very member centric and provides a great platform to network and meet new people in the industry that are experiencing some of the same struggles or issues with their workforce.”

Rick Noonan

Rick NoonanCFO, Plant Sciences

“They represent the Ag industry well, provide great products and have caring and compansionate employees.”

Erica Michel-Palacio

Erica Michel-PalacioHR Manager at Drew Massa Cooling Inc.

“They are easy to work with. You always get a live person. It's their accessiblity!”


Led by our Chief Medical Officer Dr. Rosemary Ku, HealthChats is a bi-monthly webinar series designed to help you live your healthiest life. Join us each month for a 30-minute conversation about the health issues affecting our community, and get tips on how to manage and prevent them.

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