This is Ag! is a new podcast series led by our President and CEO Kirti Mutatkar. The podcast challenges you to think differently about how you lead your life and your organizations by learning from the inspiring and captivating stories of leaders in Ag.

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My guest is Chago Martin, Owner / President of Trilogy Personnel & Land Management.

UnitedAg operates unlike any other health plan or health insurance carrier. Our members are at the core of UnitedAg, and their needs shape the organization. As a result, leadership at UnitedAg looks different – in fact, it derives from one of our core values: giving from the heart. My chat with Chago Martin, the owner and operator of Paragon Personnel and Trilogy Personnel and Land Management, embodies this. His focus is on showing up, and this authenticity requires a level of effort that other businesses do not offer. I invite you to listen to this inspiring conversation that highlights the importance of genuine relationships. Please enjoy my conversation with Chago Martin!

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