This is Ag! is a new podcast series led by our President and CEO Kirti Mutatkar. The podcast challenges you to think differently about how you lead your life and your organizations by learning from the inspiring and captivating stories of leaders in Ag.

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My guest Dr. Rosemary Ku is the Chief Medical Officer of UnitedAg. Rosemary is a practicing physician with dual-board certification in Internal Medicine and Preventive Medicine. She majored in Molecular Biology with a Certificate in Neuroscience at Princeton University and went on to obtain her MD/MBA from Columbia University and Masters in Public Health in Health Policy and Management from UC Berkeley. Rosemary joined the UnitedAg team as Chief Medical Officer in 2019.

My conversation with Dr. Ku brings out the ethos of UnitedAg. Dr. Ku reminds us that the story of human connectedness is not just a one-to-one relationship with a member but a relationship with the entire community. We also discuss the impact of long-term thinking on the overall healthcare cost, and much more. Please enjoy our conversation.

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