Episode 26: Bart Walker, Owner & President at Pacific Ag Rentals
Trust, Risks, Passion, Power of the Handshake, and Much More


This is Ag! is a podcast series led by our President and CEO Kirti Mutatkar. The podcast challenges you to think differently about how you lead your life and your organizations by learning from the inspiring and captivating stories of leaders in Agriculture. Each interview is set to uncover how a guest's leadership journey has contributed to their legacy and success.

Since launching in 2022, the podcast has established a loyal audience with an impressive lineup of past guests.


Kirti Mutatkar is a forward-thinking leader passionate about making an impact in the community by providing high quality, innovative, and affordable health care accessible to the agricultural community of California and Arizona.

Under Kirti’s leadership, UnitedAg, has become the largest health plan. With more than $240 million in annual contributions, the health plan, is empowering its members and employer groups to take a unique, empathetic, and collaborative approach in working together to provide innovative and cost-effective approaches to health care.


Currently the podcast is averaging 4,500 listeners per month overall.

With only 26 episodes, "This Is Ag" has established a core audience of agricultural leaders and industry supporters. Since launch, listener figures have grown steadily. Each new episode typically gets 4,500 listeners within 30 days of publishing.


AJ Cisney

A.J. Cisney is the General Manager at Rancho Guadalupe, a family-owned grower of fresh produce based in Santa Maria Valley, California.
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Chago Martin

Sanitago "Chago" Martin, Jr. is the Owner and President of Trilogy Personnel & Land Management, providing dependable agricultural personnel and land management services in the Central Valley.
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Steve Nelson

Steve Nelson is the President and CEO of Plant Sciences, a premier agricultural research company with emphasis on plant breeding and propagation of berry crops for the global marketplace.
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