The WomenAg Academy is more than just a leadership program, it is a community of agricultural leaders that empower one another regardless of where you are in your career or how much experience you have.

This unique member-exclusive one-year leadership program will help promote the rising leader in you. Through workshops, mentorship, and coursework, participants will discover their inner self as they become stronger, empathic, and authentic leaders. Registration ends November 30, 2022.

Join our WomenAg Community Network

The WomenAg network is a judgment-free space created to connect, share stories, and share experiences with fellow women leaders in agriculture. We look forward to engaging with you throughout the various chats, webinars, and workshops and getting to know more about your leadership journey.

2023 Academy Schedule

Sessions are a combination of in-person and virtual meetings.

What’s Your Story?
Guest Speakers: Kirti Mutatkar & Dr. Rosemary Ku
Monterey, CA

Who is the Savage Leader within You?
Guest Speaker: Darren Reinke
Irvine, CA

What's Standing in the Way of the Life You Want?
Guest Speaker: Lorraine Moos
Santa Rosa, CA

Creative and Innovative Leadership
Guest Speaker: Akshay Sateesh
San Diego, CA

Academy Graduation
& Reception

Pismo Beach, CA

2022 Academy Members

Meet the wonderful women of our Academy.

Brenda Allison
Coast General Insurance

Dana Ashley
Quiedan Company

Sarah Bell
Kaiser Permanente

Shelby Campiz
Moore Insurance Services

Patty Emmert
Duncan Family Farms

Yarixza Gonzalez

Mayra Guerrero
Red Dog Management

Tricia Geringer
Agricultural Council of CA

Connie James
Plantel Nurseries

Sasha Jones
CA Agricultural Soilworks

Channy Lee

Kari Nale
Kings River Packing

Laura Penera
Braga Fresh Family Farms

Kiran Sibia
Motna Farms

Marylu Ramirez

Elvia Torres
Valley Pride, Inc.

The Academy allows me to grow in a way that aligns with my values of compassion and honesty."

Laura Penera
Braga Farms

I’m beginning to learn who I really am at my core and work on a clearer picture of my beliefs and values."

Shelby Campiz
Moore Insurance Services


Contact Maribel Ochoa at mochoa@unitedag.org or call 800.223.4590.