Our Health & Wellness Clinics are open to all UnitedAg members' covered employees and dependents, offering a full range of services from acute and episodic care to health-risk and disease management for wellness and prevention all without charging service co-pays or deductibles* for most plans. Some of our clinics are available weekends and offer bilingual teleconsultations for patients who need to talk with a doctor on their own time. Our Wellness clinics accept walk-in visits.


What are the Benefits?

Virtual primary care provides many advantages for UnitedAg members at $0 copay for most plans*. It offers convenience and accessibility, enabling members to receive medical care from home or remote locations. This reduces travel time and wait times for appointments and members with chronic conditions benefit from regular check-ins, and are cost effective. Remote monitoring and member empowerment are also notable benefits.

However, it's essential to remember that virtual healthcare may not be suitable for all medical situations, and its effectiveness depends on individual needs and conditions. Watch the introduction video in Spanish.

Virtual Primary Care Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. Service hours are subject to change.
Schedule your visit at or call 877.877.7981.


With six regional clinics located in Santa Maria, Visalia, Turlock, Salinas, Chico and Colusa, UnitedAg members can access affordable and quality healthcare at their fingertips.