Gov. Brown has signed AB 1066 (Gonzalez) regarding changes to the agricultural overtime law in California. After a very contentious path through legislature, the bill was signed today.

Assemblyman Gallagher responded to the passage today by stating, "It’s the same old story of a government that is out of touch with the reality of living, working, and doing business in California. I wish that the voices of farmers and farm workers would have truly been heard in this discussion." ... "If you understand agriculture, you know that this new law will result in lost wages for farm workers. There are no real winners with AB 1066.”

UnitedAg is very disappointed in the Governor and his short-sightedness in not recognizing the negative impact this bill will have on California's agricultural employers as well as the farm workers who will end up loosing thousands of dollars a year in compensation.

This is a sad day for agriculture in California, the legislators who supported 1066 and the Governor have definitely let down the agricultural community. Below is a link to the press release sent out from the governor’s office which includes AB 1066 in the list of bills.

To read the press release - Click here