Thursday, April 23, 2020

A Message from Our Chief Medical Officer to UnitedAg Members with Helpful Healthcare Resources

Dear Member,

As part of critical infrastructure, your work is essential for keeping our families, communities, and nation moving forward in this period of great change. During stressful and uncertain times, it's all too easy to neglect new and chronic health issues. You are focused on taking one day at a time, managing changes at work, and taking care of your families. Talking with your doctor about your blood pressure or getting checked for that new pain you're having seems less important than the fires you are putting out every, single, day.

But if you let small health concerns worsen or stop monitoring your chronic conditions, you may end up with a bigger health issue that could impact your life. As a physician, I've seen this situation unfold too often and I know COVID-19 is making it harder than ever before to take care of one's health.

Just as we've done before COVID-19, UnitedAg is here to take care of your physical and behavioral health so you can live your fullest life possible and continue to serve our industry. If you have any concerns about your health or questions about your benefits, do not hesitate to reach out.

At this time, you might be worried about stepping into a healthcare facility but many health issues can be addressed over the phone.

As a reminder, here are the services that you continue to have access to:

  • UnitedAg Wellness Centers, for general consults, wellness and prevention programs (and if you're experiencing symptoms), schedule a teleconsult appointment with our Health & Wellness Centers. Schedule an appointment over the phone (877.877.7981) or online >>
  • Teladoc Health, speak with a board-certified physician, pediatrician, licensed psychiatrist, psychologist, therapist, counselor, dermatologist or registered dietitian. Call (800.835.2362) Make an appointment via Teladoc >>
  • CVS Caremark, have your prescriptions delivered to your door through CVS Caremark Mail Service. Get your refill online through the CVS Caremark app or over the phone using the phone number on the back of your prescription ID card. Getting medication for complex or chronic conditions is easy through CVS Specialty.
  • SAIN Medical, seek online medical treatment through our exclusive Mexico provider network. To schedule a virtual consultation for chronic and non-emergency treatments call (+52.653.536.7800) or email

As always, if you have any questions regarding your benefits please give us a call at 800.223.4590 or email us at

From the entire UnitedAg team, we appreciate you and are here to support you.


Best wishes,

Dr. Rosemary Ku


Visit our COVID-19 resources for more information.