Wednesday, January 19, 2022

COVID-19 Testing

The U.S. government is shipping free COVID-19 test kits. Here are the ones authorized by the FDA

The U.S. government is shipping four free at-home COVID-19 tests per household, providing residents an ability to access test kits for no cost.

On, it says the test kits that are set to arrive at your doorstep if you've made an order are rapid antigen at-home tests, not PCR tests. The website says the tests can be taken anywhere and that results will be available within 30 minutes.

As you wait for your test kits to arrive, or you're wondering if these test kits are safe for usage, we're taking a look at the tests that are authorized for usage by the Food and Drug Administration. There are a number of test kits that have been authorized for use at home so that you can take a test at home if need be.

The tests below are rapid test kits that you can use at home and have been authorized for usage by the FDA. We're highlighting these tests so that you are aware there is an option to get tests from online retailers or in-store at a pharmacy if you need one right away.

If you're looking for a full list, you will see below which rapid antigen tests have been authorized by the FDA.

The government has authorized health insurance companies to cover the cost of at-home rapid test kits. Under the policy, you can either purchase home testing kits for free under your insurance or submit receipts for the tests for reimbursement, up to the monthly per-person limit. A family of four, for instance, could be reimbursed for up to 32 tests per month.

PCR tests and rapid tests ordered or administered by a health provider will continue to be fully covered by insurance with no limit.

There are PCR tests that are available for purchase for you to use at home. These tests are not covered but are eligible to be used with a flexible spending account, meaning that if you have a flexible spending account through your insurance provider, you may be able to purchase them without incurring an out-of-pocket cost.

Source: KCRA News