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UnitedAg is a multi-commodity member-owned agricultural trade association dedicated to providing innovative healthcare solutions for a strong and healthy agricultural industry. Our over 1,000 agriculture affiliated member organizations network and share creative ways to transform our ever changing industry. UnitedAg strives to bring innovative solutions to agribusiness by meeting our member’s employee health benefits needs, advocating for ag with lawmakers and helping members comply with regulations.


At UnitedAg, our mission is to bring innovative healthcare solutions to agribusiness by meeting our members’ employee benefits needs, advocating for ag with lawmakers, and helping members comply with regulations.


Our vision is to provide the best, most affordable, innovative health benefits and services for agribusiness.


In 1983, the members of UnitedAg intuitively knew they needed a unique health plan to meet the needs of the agricultural workforce within the state – they sought a health plan that would operate on a non-profit basis, offer a diversity of plan designs and offer customer service designed to accommodate the needs of the ag employees. These employers created UnitedAg Benefit Trust (an ERISA multiple employer welfare arrangement) that grew from 6 small farms to more than 1,000 companies, associates, cooperatives and partnering agricultural associations. Today, UnitedAg Benefit Trust has grown to over $220 million in annual contributions.

UnitedAg Benefit Trust was the first multiple employer welfare arrangement licensed by the California Department of Insurance in 1995 (and is also licensed by the Arizona Department of Insurance).

Our benefit plan offers unsurpassed customer service as well as innovative health care and cost management solutions. UnitedAg is committed to ensuring a strong and vital ag industry in California and Arizona.