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Garth Moore
Garth E. Moore Insurance Services

Garth passed the health and life exam on June 28, 1983, on his 23rd birthday. He began working with a company called BMA; a small life insurance company based in Kansas City where he received very good training and ended up being a leader with the company. He qualified for the MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table) from 1992 through 2002. Garth was not a member after that although he met the production level every year after. In 1999, Garth opened his own office Moore Insurance & Financial Services. Focusing on group health insurance because it paid better on renewals than life insurance. In 2006, Shelby Campiz joined the family business to increase the service levels and production has increased ever since. It has been a very fun career! Garth has been happily married to Cari since November 20th 1987. Garth and Cari are proud parents to 5 children and 5 grandchildren.

How long have you been representing UnitedAg?
I started with UnitedAg in August of 2015.

Why do enjoy working with UnitedAg?
I like telling the UnitedAg story. Though I’ve only been with UnitedAg for a few years, it feels like a family to me and I try to get my clients to buy into the whole idea of what UnitedAg represents. It really is so much more than just a health plan with lower premiums.

What differentiates the Ag community from other industries?
The UnitedAg community is more like a UnitedAg family. I feel like we are all in this together. We are all pulling the same weight together to try to achieve the same goal. I like how everyone is member centric at UnitedAg and takes my phone calls; they may not want to sometimes, but they do it anyway!

What has been the most memorable experience you’ve encountered with a UnitedAg team member?
My Omar golf story: I was working on a group that had 100 plus employees and only about 20 were enrolled on their health insurance plan. I really thought or knew that UnitedAg would be a good fit for them. I was trying to tell “Omar the great” (that’s what we call him in our office) that if he would just give me a quote on the total census that I could convince the employer to increase their participation because the rates would be so much better, we could keep the employer cost close to what they currently had if all 100 employees were on the plan and the employer paid 50% of the premium. I was at the same time, trying to convince the employer to increase their contribution rate and only charge the employee $10 or $20 per week. The employer said he was willing to try as long as the rates from UnitedAg were favorable and would not hurt their total cost. Through several emails and phone conversations I could not get Omar to buy in to my plan or understand what I was trying to do.

When we were in Disneyland playing golf at the UnitedAg conference I had the opportunity of tracking down Omar down on the golf course. I explained to him my hopes of lower premium along with increasing participation from the employer so we could get 100 plus lives enrolled and make everyone happy. That day at the golf course, Omar gave me some parameters to abide by. The employer let us come in to educate their employees and it worked! We enrolled 103 employees, the employer was happy and UnitedAg was happy. We all won on that one!