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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Benefiting YOU | Fall 2020

In this issue: California legislative updates; spotlight on type 2 diabetes; preparing for a Cal/OSHA COVID inspection; WomenAg Leadership Academy; 2020-21 Scholarship Program

President’s Message

Our Commitment

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you’re doing the impossible.”

- Francis of Assisi

I was introduced to California’s agricultural industry almost two decades ago when I joined UnitedAg. Since then, I have been in awe of this industry and what it has to offer. More recently, I find myself inspired by our members’ resilience in dealing with the current crisis.

I, too, have had moments of doubt and despair during the pandemic. When I think of our members and how they’re trying to create the future, I find myself energized.

Our members’ innovation and perseverance in feeding our nation and the world teaches me something about the nature of hope.

Hope isn’t waiting for the future to get better. Hope is creating something better out of a crisis. It’s a stubborn ability to believe that, despite everything, human innovation and connection will triumph.

When the pandemic hit a few months back, UnitedAg was well-positioned to be a resource for our members impacted by the pandemic. The infrastructure of our eight Health & Wellness Centers, the member advocacy support led by Sonia Roldan, the clinical guidance by Chief Medical Officer Dr. Rosemary Ku, and the communications department led by Maribel Ochoa were all well-equipped to handle any member concerns.

Early on in the pandemic, we realized that there was an increase in stress, anxiety and general behavioral health issues in our membership. We decided to commit our entire 2020 innovation budget to launch Spring Health, a behavioral health platform at no additional cost to our members. The simple act of engaging with our members and then acting immediately on what we learned from them has helped alleviate some of our members’ anxieties.

We’re now taking all the lessons we’ve learned from the crisis, and we’re creating something exciting for our members: UnitedAg 2.0.

The pandemic has changed how members are approaching their healthcare needs. There’s a demand for more virtual care, increased need for behavioral health access, and maintaining personal touch through the member services and member advocacy departments. The pandemic has also brought to light the importance of managing and taking care of chronic conditions like diabetes.

Our goal is to provide a unique healthcare experience for our members today as we navigate the pandemic and the post-pandemic future. We’re committed to building a resilient system that can better weather or even prevent the next crisis.

By doing what was necessary and possible for our members, we’re making the impossible possible.

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  • Kirti Mutatkar, CEO