Monday, February 12, 2018

UnitedAg Expands Virtual Care Services, Adding the Best Doctors Expert Second Opinion Service from Teladoc

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45,000 UnitedAg members now have single-point of virtual access for care from flu to behavioral health and cancer

IRVINE, Calif., (AgPR) Feb. 12, 2018 – UnitedAg, a member-owned agricultural trade association representing more than 800 companies in California and Arizona, has expanded the list of healthcare services available to its members through Teladoc’s virtual care delivery platform. Effective January 1st, all of the health plans’ 45,000 members received access to the Best Doctors Expert Second Opinion service for answers to a range of chronic, complicated health conditions including cancer, heart disease and musculoskeletal issues.

Serving mainly populations in rural areas, UnitedAg first provided the Teladoc general medical services for its members in 2015, assuring access to care for conditions such as cold and flu and upper respiratory infections. Last year it expanded to also include telebehavioral health, dermatology and smoking cessation. Now, from a single point of virtual care access, members can benefit from access to a global network of expert physicians rated in the top five percent of more than 450 specialties of medicine. The solution combines advanced data analytics capabilities with top clinical talent to identify and improve outcomes for the most complex, critical and costly problems in healthcare today.

“We’re committed to making sure that everyone who is part of our diverse membership base has the same access to high quality medical care, regardless of where they are located, and with Teladoc we can do just that,” said Chris McDonald, Chief Innovation Officer, UnitedAg. “It’s an incredibly valued benefit. Knowing that whether they have a child with the flu, or they themselves are suffering with a significant illness and need an expert second opinion, the best care can be sought with a phone call or click of an app.”

The Teladoc virtual care delivery platform empowers patients to easily seek answers to their care needs. Via an approachable, simple-to-navigate experience, members can use phone, web or a free mobile app to receive high quality, cost-effective care. Members seeking a second opinion through the Best Doctors Expert Second Opinion service will be supported by a member advocate and matched with the most appropriate medical expert. Through case review and unmatched breadth of quality analytics, treatment plans are recommended to be corrected or refined 75% of the time.

“UnitedAg is the ideal example of an organization that is effectively leveraging the power of virtual care delivery,” said Peter McClennen, President, Teladoc. “With the addition of the Best Doctors Expert Second Opinion service, they are bringing world-class health services to their members in rural areas and providing simplified access to healthcare answers.”

About Teladoc, Inc.

Teladoc, Inc. (NYSE:TDOC) is the world’s largest and most trusted provider of virtual healthcare delivery services. Recognized by MIT Technology Review as one of the “50 Smartest Companies”, Teladoc is forging a new healthcare experience with better convenience, outcomes and value. The company provides virtual access to high quality care and expertise with a portfolio of services and solutions – inclusive of coverage of 450 medical subspecialties –that spans the spectrum from non-urgent, episodic needs like flu and upper respiratory infections, to chronic, complicated medical conditions like cancer and congestive heart failure. By marrying the latest in data and analytics with its award-winning user experience and highly flexible technology platform, Teladoc has delivered millions of medical visits to patients around the globe. For additional information, please visit

About United Ag

Founded in 1980, UnitedAg is a member-owned agricultural trade association dedicated to providing innovative solutions for a strong and healthy agricultural industry. UnitedAg represents more than 800 agriculture-affiliated member organizations, including agricultural companies (growers, shippers, coolers, processors, dairy and livestock producers, and supporting businesses); associates; cooperatives; and partner agricultural associations. UnitedAg helps its members meet their employee benefits needs, promotes their interests with lawmakers, and helps them comply with legislation and regulation. Based in Irvine, Calif., UnitedAg has offices in Oxnard, Corona, Salinas, Fresno and Santa Maria. For more information, visit or call (800) 223-4590.