Thursday, January 31, 2019

UnitedAg Annouces New Associate Vice President of Sales

UnitedAg Announces New Associate Vice President of Sales

IRVINE, CA - (AgPR) January 31, 2019 UnitedAg, a leader in providing healthcare for the agricultural industry has officially announced Mike Davidson as the new Associate Vice President of Sales. Davidson has over 20 years of insurance industry sales, management and customer-service experience. He has a proven ability to provide member-centric health products and high-level services based on customer needs, user-experience research and market analysis.

UnitedAg has proven their effectiveness at providing quality health benefits and services by always having a clear foresight of the industry needs. Innovative companies recognize that in order to deliver effective benefits, services and products you must seek feedback from your member/customer base. UnitedAg’s notable growth is proof of our member-centric culture. "I'm excited for this new journey and look forward to connecting our members with the best, most affordable and innovative healthcare the industry has to offer,” said VP of Sales Mike Davidson.

About UnitedAg
Founded in 1980, UnitedAg is a member-owned agricultural trade association dedicated to providing innovative health benefit solutions for a strong and healthy agricultural industry. UnitedAg represents more than 1,000 agriculture-affiliated member companies including: (growers, shippers, coolers, processors, dairy and livestock producers, and supporting businesses); associates; cooperatives; and partner agricultural associations. UnitedAg helps its members meet their employee benefits needs, promotes their interests with lawmakers, and helps them comply with legislation and regulation. Based in Irvine, Calif., UnitedAg has offices in Oxnard, Corona, Salinas, Fresno and Santa Maria. Visit for more information.

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