Wednesday, December 31, 1969


New COVID-19 vaccine expected to release in September; should people wait to get it?

The Biden administration is expecting the FDA to approve a new vaccine in September. The new vaccine will protect against the omicron variant.

According to ABC news, the government now has the option to buy 600 million new vaccines that are targeted toward the omicron variant, with plans to deliver 171 million this fall.

The Biden administration says it's moved $10 billion to cover the cost of these vaccines.

The vaccine is bivalent, meaning it protects against the alpha, delta and omicron variants.

Health expert Dr. Barry Ramo suggests if you're eligible to get a booster now, you should get it instead of waiting for the new shot.

“Right now, the idea of waiting for the new vaccine may be a mistake because we don't know what the dominant viral strain will be at the time that the vaccine is released," Dr. Ramo said.

Dr. Ramo said it is proven the current vaccine still prevents serious illness, hospitalization and death, even when it comes to the omicron variant, which is making up about 90% of U.S. cases.

“The variant is in high concentration now. People are getting sick with it. They're not getting seriously ill if they've been boosted,” he said.

If authorized and recommended, Dr. Ramo said this is good news.

“I think what is encouraging is the ability to change the vaccine on a dime. So the idea that we have the technology to make a new vaccine so quickly is very important,” Dr. Ramo said.

Source: KCRA News