Tuesday, August 22, 2023


Department of Water Resources Officially Approves Westside GSP

The Westside Subbasin Groundwater Sustainability Plan (Westside GSP) has officially been approved by the California Department of Water Resources (DWR). A recommendation of approval had been announced back in March. The GSP had been submitted by the Westlands Water District, in conforming to requirements of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA). DWR had initially issued an incomplete determination on the plan in January 2022. Westlands Water District General Manager Allison Febbo expressed appreciation for the approval and looks forward to its implementation.

“DWR’s official stamp of approval reflects a great deal of time and dedication from Westlands’ staff and Board of Directors who worked diligently and collaboratively with DWR to develop a GSP that will serve as a roadmap for achieving the Westside Subbasin’s sustainability goals well before the 2040 deadline,” Westlands Water District General Manager Allison Febbo said in a press release. “With this milestone, we look forward to continuing the work we’ve already started by implementing groundwater projects that yield the best results for the communities we serve, including the District’s family-owned farms that reliably feed the world and support the San Joaquin Valley.”

Approval of the Westside GSP should serve as an important step for achieving long-term water security for the area’s nearly 700 family-owned farms. The plan will be updated at least every five years to incorporate data gathered during implementation. DWR also just recently announced the approval of 10 other GSPs in non-critically overdrafted basins.

Source: AgNet West