Wednesday, June 14, 2017

UnitedAg Awards $52,000 to Monterey and Neighboring County Students

UnitedAg Awards $52,000 to Monterey and Neighboring County Students

June 13, 2017

Twenty-five students in Monterey and neighboring Counties have received scholarship awards totaling $52,000.

UnitedAg awarded the scholarships after reviewing 59 submitted applications. Applicants submitted in addition to detailed information, an essay focused on immigration reform and how they believe it will impact the agricultural industry in California in the future.

UnitedAg is proud to announce the following winners: Jennifer Burton – Salinas, Salvador Castaneda – Salinas, Miguel Meza – Watsonville, Parker Noonan – Watsonville, Sarah McClean – Castroville, Victor Penera – Salinas, Spencer Hyosaka – Salinas, Miguel Mendez – Salinas, Elvia Velazquez – Gilroy, Nayeli Amaro – Soledad, Veronica Leon Vega – Salinas, Patrice Rodriguez – Spreckles, Nick Batterman – Salinas, Rachel Costa – Salinas, Joel Meza – Watsonville, August Brigantino – Salinas, Rocio Velazquez – Gilroy, Morgan Noonan – Watsonville, Taylor Noonan – Watsonville, Tanya Dimas-Guillen – Salinas, Michaela Gurrola – Salinas, Andrea Ramirez-Maldonado – Salinas, Sophia Lazzerini – Castroville, Daniel Meza – Watsonville, and Xochilt Puga – King City.

The Scholarship Awards Ceremony Luncheon will take place on June 15, 2017 at 11:30 am at the Growers Pub - 227 Monterey Street, Salinas, CA 93901.

For further information, contact Maribel Ochoa at (949) 471-3206