Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Farm Labor

Agriculture Coalition Letter to Senate on Farm Labor

The Agriculture Workforce Coalition is calling on the Senate to pass an agriculture workforce reform bill this Congress. The coalition sent a letter to Senate leaders this week, which was signed by dozens of agricultural organizations including the American Farm Bureau Federation, the International Fresh Produce Association, the National Farmers Union, and several associations from states where ag labor is especially important, such as California, Florida, Georgia, Arizona, and Alabama. In fact, there were ten pages of affiliated associations.

The coalition says such a bill provides the solution American agriculture needs to defend our national security through protecting our domestic agricultural production and curtailing rising food costs for every consumer. The letter states that inaction will force many farmers to consider whether they can continue in labor-intensive agriculture. It says in order to protect America’s domestic agricultural production, the Senate must act now to provide stability for our existing workers and make key reforms to the H-2A program.

Source: KCRA News