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New Employment Health Screening Services & COVID Vaccine Deployment Timeline

Q&A Summary

Below are questions and answers from this OPS Forum. The answers we provided only have information available at the time. Due to the changing nature of the vaccination deployment in California and all 58 counties, some of this information may change.

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Employment Health Screening Services

Q: Is the agreement for employment services via Elite Wellness Centers available to Superior clients?
A: Yes. Please contact Stephanie Webb for more information.

Q: Aren’t some of these tests free of charge under the health plan as preventive care?
A: Employment health screening services refers to "fit for work" type evaluations, which is not considered preventive care and therefore not covered under the health plan.

Q: Is there a cost for employment screenings to be added or is it part of the group plan pricing?
A: There is a cost for employment health screenings. The employment screenings are not covered by UnitedAg / UABT. We have provided a summary of this in the Employment Services Flyer.

Q: We currently do not have random drug testing for our employees, but we would like to introduce that to our company. How do we go about this?
A: Please consult your labor law counsel to incorporate this into your employee manual to allow for random/employment testing. Elite can facilitate the testing through our wellness centers. Please contact to provide information and then you will be referred to Elite's team to make further arrangements.

Q: How much does the COVID rapid test cost?
A: The rapid test costs $60 and is not covered by the health plan because it falls under the employment related screenings and services (not preventive care).

COVID Vaccine Deployment

Q: Our company is interested in vaccinating our employees. How do we sign up?
A: Please identify how many of your employees are interested in getting vaccinated and complete our employer intake form to help our Wellness Centers plan accordingly. It is important to include covered employees and non-covered employees.

Q: Is there an ETA for when the vaccine will be available?
A: We do not have an official ETA as the distribution plan is outlined differently by every county. Learn more about your local county’s vaccination plan.

Q: Where can I find out about the locations of UnitedAg Health & Wellness Centers?
A: You can find all our Health & Wellness Centers here.

Q: To confirm, your wellness centers will get allocations of vaccine?
A: Yes, but each county will dictate allocations and rollout of the vaccines. We will provide more updates as more information is available. In the meantime, learn more about your local county’s vaccination plan.

Q: For vaccination, will we use an appointment system? Drive through system? Walk up? Onsite to field or plant?
A: It depends on the allocation and volume for each county. If it is a volume that can be handled by the Wellness Center, we can facilitate a drive through system like COVID testing. We are open to providing onsite vaccination to large groups with a site fee.

Q: What will the cost be for employees not on the health plan?
A: The vaccine will be available at no cost for everyone including non-covered employees.

Q: I have heard the location of residence is important as to what county gives you the vaccine.
A: Currently we are focusing on location of employer or employee however depending on specific counties, this can vary.

Q: It is my understanding that the vaccine rollout is now expanding to individuals over the age of 65. Many experts say that the tier structure is too complicated, and the CDC wants to streamline it better. What are your thoughts?
A: Correct. We are doing our best to navigate the CDC guidelines.

Q: If we have an employee that is on their spouse's insurance, and they are over 65, do they still qualify?
A: Yes. Have them complete the 65+ sign up form.

Q: The owners of our company are not on our UnitedAg plan. They are both over 70; can they be included in the vaccine?
A: Yes. Have them complete the 65+ sign up form.

Q: Will the vaccine be available for 18 years and older only thru UABT only?
A: The vaccine will be available at no cost for everyone 18 and older including non-health plan participants. Please refer to the CA vaccination plan for details.

Q: When will agriculture employees be eligible for the vaccine based on the CA Vaccination plan?
A: Employees will be eligible under the phase 1B.

Q: I run a winery with agricultural workers. Are my employees eligible for phase 1B?
A: Wineries qualify under the agricultural sector. If your company is located near a UnitedAg Health & Wellness Center, I recommend you contact our Client Services team or complete the intake form.

Q: Do ag support businesses qualify under phase 1B?
A: It is possible some ag support business will be eligible under Phase 1B Tier 2: Industrial, commercial, residential, and sheltering facilities and services. But because we are still in Phase 1A now, details on 1B2 are not yet available.

Q: How do you prove that you are an agricultural worker eligible under phase 1B?
A: Members can provide a work badge, pay stub or a letter from their employer as proof.

Q: Is the vaccine available for enrolled members and dependents only?
A: We can offer the vaccine to non-enrolled employees and dependents. This would be on a case-by-case and county-by-county basis.

Q: Where is Salinas on the timeline for roll out?
A: Please check with the Monterey County Health Department.

Q: Is the vaccine available now for 65+ at the Salinas Health & Wellness Center?
A: Vaccines for 65+ individuals are not yet available at our Salinas wellness Center. We are currently only taking signups to provide an accurate count to the Monterey Health Department. We will update you when more information becomes available.

Q: When will you have the vaccine available for 65+, what's current supply? if any?
A: The timeline varies by county. We have only heard from Tulare county. When we do receive the shipment, we will let our Tulare county members know. Regarding the other counties, we will keep you informed as more information is available.

Q: Our business is in Sutter county. So can our employees get vaccine in the Colusa wellness center?
A: We are currently only able to service members whose company or employees reside within Colusa county. These guidelines could change in the future if supply increases. We will provide updates when more information is available.

Q: Our food processing company is in Colusa County. Some of our employees reside in other counties. Will those that live outside Colusa county be required to get vaccinated in their home county?
A: Your workforce qualifies because your company is in Colusa county.

Q: There are members in the Chowchilla area. Do you have wellness centers near there? How about Bakersfield area?
A: We will do our best to provide the vaccine to all UnitedAg members. We are waiting for more specific information from the local health departments.

Q: Company is in Santa Cruz but, have worksites throughout Monterey can we provide the sign-up link to our Monterey employees who fall in the 65+ group?
A: Yes. Have them complete the 65+ sign up form.

Q: All other counties were mentioned, do you have any information for Santa Cruz County? For testing, vaccination, etc.
A: Please refer to the Santa Cruz Health Services Agency.

Q: Can you provide any information on Santa Clara County?
A: Please check with the Santa Clara Health Department.

Q: Will Tree workers in San Luis Obispo be included in the 1B Vaccine distribution? And if I understand correctly there will be no cost if received at The Wellness Center?
A: According to the California vaccination plan, Tree workers could be eligible under Phase 1B Tier 2: Industrial, commercial, residential, and sheltering facilities and services. But because we are still in Phase 1A , details on 1B2 are not yet available. There is no cost for the vaccine if administered at a Wellness Center. Please note that we are only able to service members whose company or employees reside within county boundries of the Health & Wellness Center (e.g. Santa Barbara County).

Q: Will food/ag workers in San Luis Obispo County be able to get vaccinated at the Santa Maria UABT clinic?
A: No, unless their county of residence or company is in within Santa Barbara county lines.

Q: What is UnitedAg doing to communicate the safeness & importance of field/frontline ag covered employees of getting vaccine, overcoming potential resistance/distrust?
A: UnitedAg is only supporting the availability and distribution of the vaccine to our members. It is up to the member to decide if they want to get vaccinated.

Q: Can an employer require their employees to get the vaccine?
A: Please contact your labor law counsel for guidance.

Q: Are there any updates regarding the recent COVID vaccines that were recalled from some counties?
A: We have not received any of the recalled Moderna vaccines. It should not affect any of our allocations.

Questions About the Vaccine

Q: How is it determined if an underage individual desiring the vaccine proves high risk? Do they have to demonstrate medications, doctor's diagnosis, etc.?
A: This must be determined by the individual's healthcare provider.

Q: Can people with allergies get vaccinated?
A: If you had a reaction to the first dose, you may not be able to get the second dose. To see a list of ingredients for both vaccines, visit the CDC website. If you need a personal assessment on receiving the vaccine, please talk to your healthcare provider to discuss any side effects and risks.

Q: A few people have asked if the vaccine is safe and what the side effects are. Is there somewhere I could direct employees so that they can research this on their own?
A: You can learn more about the vaccines at the CDC Website. If you need a personal assessment on receiving the vaccine, please talk to your healthcare provider so they discuss any side effects and risks with you personally.

Q: Are there any side effects that could directly affect those who had Bells Palsy in the past? I have heard that face paralysis is one of the side effects. Also, what is the recommendation for members with Type 2 diabetes or Asthma?
A: Side effects should be something you should discuss with your healthcare provider to clarify. Type 2 diabetes and Asthma are both conditions that worsen outcomes for COVID. The vaccine will be available to this group during the 1C phase.

Q: Who determines if someone is eligible under 65+ or a pre-existing health condition? Would it be the county or care giver?
A: The healthcare provider will make this determination.

Q: If someone has had COVID they are being told they cannot have the vaccine administered until 60 days after symptoms have ended. Is there a reason why?
A: There is a natural immunity that you get that can last up to a few months after recovery so the vaccine might not offer any benefit. Also, your immunity from a previous infection may interfere with your immune response to the vaccine so it may not offer any benefit.

Q: If you have had COVID, how long are you immune?
A: There is no definitive answer as to how long you are immune after recovering from COVID. Experts believe it can last up to a few months.