Join us for UnitedAg’s exclusive member event, the HR Roundtable in your region. This event brings together HR peers from your local area and discuss a specific topic of immediate concern for our members, and through this network, provide support, solutions, and a resource to answers.

The HR Roundtable is an open discussion format, with the speaker introducing a topic and then an open free-flowing conversation and question session surrounding that topic.


The HR Roundtable provides you with the tools and resources you need to tackle specific topics that are affecting your community. All courses are available to UnitedAg Members at a discounted rate.

Course Schedule

Sessions Schedule

The HR Roundtable takes place in several California regions such as Visalia, Salinas, and Santa Maria. Click to find a Roundtable happening in your region.



Click to learn more about our industry speakers.

Educational Courses

UnitedAg Educational Courses

Links to UnitedAg Educational courses covering farmworker safety. Theses courses are provided in partnership with AgSafe.

HR & Educational Courses

HR & Safety Courses

Links to Safety, HR, and Management Certification Courses from member associations AgSafe and APMA.


Click on the corresponding link below for more information and to register. These HR Roundtable Courses are complimentary for all UnitedAg Members.