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Oscar Garcia, Executive Director

Servicios Agrupados Integrales (SAIN)

Oscar has led the SAIN Mexico Network for over 15 years. With medical providers across the main markets in the Western U.S./Mexico border cities, he continues to expand the SAIN network in order to maintain quality and faster service as the top two reasons employees prefer to seek medical treatment in Mexico. As of today, he maintains partnerships with over fifty medical and dental providers with the highest qualifications to ensure continued quality of service to employees.

He has provided his expertise in the Mexico benefits portion of new healthcare plans in areas such as, plan access logistics, feasibility, pricing, and promotion of UnitedAg’s benefit plan utilization. By monitoring Mexico medical services, he has maintained low health costs which represent approximately 6% of its equivalent in the United States.

His international relations are an attribute of his educational background. He received a B.S. in International Business from Cetys Universidad, Mexicali, Baja California.

Oscar Garcia