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Nick Gambini, Chief Executive Officer (Founder)

RTO Systems Inc. dba Elite Corporate Wellness

Nicholas Gambini is a serial entrepreneur in the health and wellness industry. Nicholas’ passion for bridging the gap between patients and high quality preventative primary care drives his multiple organizations. Mr. Gambini serves as the Chief Executive Officer and owner of Elite Corporate Wellness as well as the Chief Business Officer of its sister company Elite Corporate Medical Services Inc. Mr. Gambini provides comprehensive on-site prevention, wellness, and medical care solutions to companies and organizations of all different sizes and industries. Nicholas’ blending of the “old school” Dr. Welby hands-on philosophy with an innovative care delivery model has led to rapid growth as an organization, and has been significantly impactful in the Agricultural industry where hands-on bilingual care and education are of vital importance. Mr. Gambini graduated cum laude from The Craig School of Business at California State University, Fresno with a degree in Business Entrepreneurship.

Nick Gambini