Jocelyn Boudreau, Chief Executive Officer

Hortau, Inc.

Jocelyn Boudreau is CEO and co-founder of Hortau. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering and a Masters degree in soil physics from Laval University (Québec, Canada). Early in his career, Jocelyn worked at Laval University as a research assistant, helping with the development of a sub-irrigation system in capillary mat for container crops, greenhouse and nursery.

He then acted as a tech consultant for various irrigation, soil physics and technical sales projects, before co-founding Hortau in 2002. He played a key role in the company’s start-up phase, from the business plan and strategy, financing, building and managing a high-level team, as well as the execution of the company’s growth strategy.

Jocelyn is currently responsible for managing the company’s human and financial resources, coordinating the team, strategic planning and also preparing and managing the company’s board meetings. Jocelyn currently lives with his family in San Luis Obispo, Calif, operating out of Hortau’s U.S. headquarters, where he works closely with the sales, marketing and tech support teams on the company’s growth territory.

Jocelyn Boudreau