Daisy Ochoa, Human Resources Assistant

Merrill Farms, LLC

Daisy Ochoa works as a Human Resources Assistant for Merrill Farms, LLC a grower in Salinas, California. She is responsible to help oversee the employees’ health, wellness and benefits programs. This also includes employee relations and the payroll process.

She hopes to gain essential skills provided by UnitedAg. Daisy’s expectations are to learn how to identify business problems and how to choose the right strategies to address these specific issues. Daisy would like to gain real world experience in the Ag business sectors.

Daisy graduates with her Associate in Science in Agriculture Business from Hartnell College in Salinas, California May of 2019. She plans to attend CSUMB, Fresno State or Cal Poly this Fall of 2019. Studying Agriculture Business. Daisy enjoys hiking, spending time with the family, visiting the California missions, and studying different styles of architecture.

Daisy Ochoa