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Chris Girod, Principal and Consulting Actuary


Chris is a principal and consulting actuary in the San Diego office of Milliman. He joined the firm in 1994, after working for six years with a health insurance company in Portland, Oregon.
Chris specializes in helping clients measure and understand the risks and financial implications associated with their healthcare products, reimbursement systems, and risk-sharing arrangements. He has worked with insurance companies, HMOs, PPOs, Blue Cross Blue Shield plans, provider organizations, employers, and medical device manufacturers to help them assess risks associated with commercial, Medicare, Medicaid and CHAMPUS populations. Some of his consulting assignments have included: healthcare benefit plan design, pricing, feasibility studies, and financial modeling; developing clinically appropriate best practice utilization and cost benchmarks; assessing the financial value of new healthcare technologies and practices; and projecting liabilities for claims incurred but not paid.
Chris has also served as Milliman’s national health research manager, promoting and coordinating the firm’s health research efforts.

Chris Girod