UFW President to Retire Soon


Based upon credible, third party information, VCAA has been advised that Arturo Rodriguez, the long-time president of the United Farmworkers of America, AFL-CIO, will soon be retiring at the UFW’s next Annual Convention. It is expected that Mr. Rodriguez will be moving to Texas for alleged “health reasons”.

It is rumored that the putative successor, Mr. Armando Elenes, who has been negotiating most of the UFW contracts in the State of California, will be rejected in favor of Ms. Teresa Romero, the long-time Secretary-Treasurer of the UFW. It appears that Mr. Elenes has not engendered himself to the administrative employees within the UFW or its dues-paying members.

The timing of the retirement of Mr. Rodriguez will coincide with the exit from office by Governor Jerry Brown, later this year. Governor Brown, the Godfather of the Agricultural Labor Relations Act, has protected the UFW throughout his elected periods in office. With the exit of Governor Brown and the UFW’s long-time president, it remains to be seen what the UFW’s strategy will be in the near future.

This article was provided by Rob Roy, Ventura County Agricultural Association (VCAA)