In 2014, Jeff Lundberg took over the role of President and CEO for Babe Farms a premium specialty vegetable grower located in the Santa Maria Valley. It was a natural transition for Jeff as he grew up working at Babe Farms and has done a little of everything over the years, from planting and harvesting, to operating a tractor. He even managed his own small seasonal farm. Most recently, Jeff was Vice President of Operations and Sales.

Jeff is a proud graduate of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in agricultural engineering with a minor in agribusiness. Together with his management team, which includes Vice President Chris Cordero and General Manager Jason Gamble they focus on impleting the latest innovative farming practices that will enhance the farm's ability to deliver the widest variety of specialty produce available.

Jeff and his team manage farming issues such as pest control, seed visibility, and how to increase yields. Improvements in water delivery are also key issues affecting California and farming. "We've been lucky so far with water" Jeff stated. "We have under ground water aquifer." But with the drought an ever present threat is what keeps Jeff and his team abreast of irrigation innovations and technology.

"Overregulation and labor are additional challenges," Jeff says. Specialty vegetable production is labor intensive. Jeff appreciates the passion and effort of his employees. He works within the framework of government-instituted labor guidelines, but acknowledges the strain they can place on operating a farm.