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In response to the California wildfires, we're here to help and provide support. We extend our heartfelt thoughts and prayers to all of you, and we will do our best in keeping our communication lines open to assist with any concerns.

For the latest information regarding the California wildfires and how to protect your community visit CALFIRE.

For immediate assistance, please contact Member Services at 844.471.3244 or email


Superior Health & Wellness Centers

Our Health & Wellness Centers are available to provide immediate care* for non-emergency related conditions. You can also access care via the teleconsult service which connects members with a bilingual health care provider. This service is available Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm by appointment only. To schedule an appointment at your local wellness center or a teleconsult with a health care professional, call 877.877.7981 or visit our website.

*Many of the services offered are available at $0 co-pay with no deductible for most Superior health plans.

Members in need of immediate assistance should contact Superior Member Services at 844.471.3244.

We are working with our PPO partner, Blue Shield of California to assure members in care and disease management programs in mandatory evacuation areas continuity of care. If a member may have lost or misplaced their identification card, they can contact Member Services for a new card.

To aid our members during this difficult time, Teladoc is offering access to general medical care at no charge for residents of the affected evacuation zones.

To receive care, affected individuals should call the hotline or visit their website.
855.225.5032 | Visit

This service extends beyond current Teladoc eligibility and is available to any individual impacted during this time.

Our pharmacy network partner, OptumRx, is monitoring the impact of the wildfires in affected areas and are offering the below procedures for members in affected areas:

  • Customer service representatives will process overrides for members in impacted areas to obtain refills before the refill eligible date.
  • Specialty Infusion Services is identifying patients in impacted ZIP Codes and will initiate manual outreach to them in advance, if necessary.

To locate an in-network pharmacy nearest you visit If you need assistance, contact our Member Services team at 844.471.3244.