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COVID-19 Health Benefits

Even during uncertain times, our top priority is the health and safety of our members, employees, communities, and those we work with and serve. With this in mind, please see the plan coverage for COVID-19 testing or treatment in the chart below. Please be aware that some of these provisions will be discontinued on specified dates.

Latest Health Coverage Information for COVID-19


If I have questions regarding my health benefits and testing who should I contact?

For questions regarding health benefits and services you should contact our bilingual Member Services Department at 800.223.4540 or email


What benefit assistance can UnitedAg offer health plan participants to help with COVID-19?

Effective retroactively to March 1, 2020, UnitedAg has adopted the following plan benefit changes:

  • COVID-19 testing with a physician or physician's assistant order / prescription. Testing will be covered at 100% coverage with no deductible, coinsurance or co-payment.
  • Telehealth services for COVID-19 benefits reimbursed at 100% with no deductible, coinsurance or copayment required (also available for HSA benefit plans until December 31).
  • No pre-authorization of COVID-19 testing required but must be physician recommended.


What is the cost for a COVID-19 test or antibody test under my health benefit plan?

UnitedAg (UABT) will waive the costs for COVID-19 testing. There will be no out-of-pocket costs to all eligible plan participants for FDA approved COVID-19 tests*. In addition, there are no out-of-pocket costs for health care provider visits (in and out of network), urgent care visits and emergency room visits that may results in the administration of the test. *Testing must be recommended by a medical professional.


How do I obtain my COVID-19 test results from a Health & Wellness Center over the weekend?

Our Visalia Wellness Center is available Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. to provide testing results for all regional wellness centers. Call 559.967.0147.


What should I do if I believe I may have come in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19?

If you believe you may have come in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, contact the UnitedAg Health and Wellness Centers by calling 877.877.7981.


Is telemedicine an option to seek medical care for COVID-19?

Telemedicine is an ideal option for seeking medical care regarding COVID-19. Teladoc, our telemedicine partner can help answer questions about the disease, evaluate risk and provide support by phone or video. To schedule an appointment, visit or call 888.688.2332.

You also have the option to schedule teleconsults with our Health & Wellness centers by calling 877.877.7981 or visiting their website.


What resources are available to me if I'm feeling anxious, depressed, or stressed due to COVID-19?

Spring Health, our new mental health network can provide you with a wide range of resources to meet nearly any need, and help you figure out what might work best for you. Complete your registration by visiting UnitedAg's Spring Health Portal. This benefit is available at zero cost for all UnitedAg health plan participants.


Can I request my prescriptions be delivered?

You can request to have your prescriptions delivered when it is has been filled and ready for pick up. You can request delivery by calling the store, selecting a delivery option within the CVS Pharmacy app, or through a link via an "order ready" text message. If you are experiencing any issues, please contact Member Services at 800.223.4590.


What can I do if I am laid-off or furloughed during the COVID-19 pandemic and my employer does not continue my health benefits?

If you lose your health care benefits because you are furloughed or laid-off, you have a few options for continuing your health care benefits.

UnitedAg (UABT) will offer you the opportunity to continue your benefits through COBRA. When your employer notifies UnitedAg that you are no longer working and receiving benefits, we will send you a letter explaining your COBRA rights and the costs for continuing your existing benefits. If you wish to continue your health benefits, you are responsible for paying your monthly contribution.

*You may also be eligible to enroll in the California Exchange (Covered California), Arizona Exchange (Cover Arizona) or MediCal.


Is there a change to COBRA elections as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic?

The COBRA election period has been extended. Under COBRA, employees and dependents who lose active coverage as a result of a qualifying event, such as termination of employment or reduction of hours, normally have 60 days to elect continuation of coverage after receiving a COBRA election notice. Under the new Department of Labor rule, the 60-day timeframe doesn't start until the end of the Outbreak Period.


If I contract COVID-19 in the workplace and become ill, will my health benefits plan cover my treatment and care?

Your health benefits plan will cover your treatment and care as long as your claim does not fall under a workers’ compensation rebuttable presumption.

If you contract COVID-19 within fourteen (14) days of having worked at your standard workplace, there is a rebuttable presumption that you contracted the virus at your workplace. Therefore, there is a strong likelihood you will be covered for your treatment and care by your employer's workers' compensation carrier.

Your COVID-19 illness will be presumed to be work-related for the purpose of awarding worker’s compensation benefits as long as the following requirements are met:

  • Employee tested positive within 14 days of having last worked for the employer.

  • The day on which employee worked for the employer was on or after March 19, 2020.

  • The employee’s place of employment was not the employee’s home or place of residence.

  • The diagnosis was made by a licensed and registered physician issued by the California Medical Board and that testing is further confirmed by additional testing within 30 days of the date of diagnosis.

If your diagnosis of COVID-19 is determined not to be covered by workers' compensation, your health benefits plan will cover your treatment and care.


If you have any questions regarding your health benefits, please contact our Member Services team at 800.223.4590 or email