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(1) Write a two-page, double-spaced, typed essay with a one-page typed bibliography on the following topic: “What percentage of California’s current economy is represented by agriculture? How will it change in the near future and how can these levels be maintained or surpassed?”

(2) A one-page typed resume of your work, community service, educational and extra curricular activities.

(3) Three (3) Letters of recommendation—one from a teacher, one from an employer and one from a volunteer organization. (If you do not work or volunteer, you may substitute additional letters from teachers.)

(4) GPA transcripts Copies of your current term GPA transcripts are acceptable with current averages from the school you are currently attending, including the most recent academic period (quarter or semester), and prior three years.

(5) A photo of yourself (JPEG preferred).

(6) (OPTIONAL) If you are interested in participating in the AEF Internship Program at an agricultural company, please check the appropriate boxes in the Internship Program Section.

I hereby certify that all information provided in this application is true and correct. I further agree that if I withdraw from school or transfer schools during the term of this scholarship (if granted), that the unused balance is forfeitable to the Agribusiness Education Foundation, and I shall notify UnitedAg Scholarship within 30 days. I also give UnitedAg permission to publish my name, photograph, resume and essay in any public relations materials, press release or publication produced or disseminated by UnitedAg.