SMHRA: Production Supervisors & Workers' Compensation (Spanish Only)

You have an injured employee authorized to return to work with restrictions, but his supervisor may not want him back! How can that be? Unfortunately, after an accident happens, little or no formal guidance is given to supervisors to manage an injured employee who may be on and off modified work with changing physical restrictions. Supervisors play a major role in the worker’s compensation process and have a direct impact on claims outcomes and costs. Understanding how they can become a solid support to the HR department or person managing the workers’ compensation claims in your company is a must!

Key Points

  • High hidden costs of workers compensation
  • Being creative with modified work
  • Tips to manage restrictions while in temporary modified work
  • Helping injured employees to focus on recovery instead of litigation!
  • Tips to avoid the slippery slope of 132a charges
  • Spotting red flags that indicate fraud

About the Speaker

​Salvador Pineda - SMHRA former board member and Director of Human Resources & Safety for two local companies. With over 27 years of experience in several aspects of labor management, Mr. Pineda is a highly skilled, very motivating instructor and management advisor. His background in HR, safety, production and various areas of compliance blend with excellent presentation skills to rivet every participant in his training sessions. He has trained over 10,000 supervisors.


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