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Looking to Grow and Develop Your Leadership Skills?

Join UnitedAg’s WomenAg Leadership Academy! This one-year leadership program focuses on the unique needs of women in agriculture. Join a community of leaders from across the ag space who will serve as mentors for the WomenAg Leadership Academy.

The program includes interactive sessions featuring exercises, self-assessments, in-depth conversations with community leaders, and much more!

The Mission

UnitedAg developed the WomenAg Leadership Academy for a select group of women in the ag community to network with and learn from highly experienced and accomplished agricultural community leaders, both men and women, who educate and mentor the class as they develop their expertise and define their own leadership paths.\

The Academy

President and CEO Kirti Mutatkar speaks at the 2019 graduation ceremony.UnitedAg’s WomenAg Leadership Academy is a one-year leadership program focusing on the unique needs of women in agriculture. Community leaders from across the ag space serve as mentors for the WomenAg Leadership Academy. These rising leaders participate in workshops, as well as coursework designed to develop their leadership skills. The program also offers participants the unique opportunity to build an ongoing network of like-minded peers within the industry.

WomenAg has welcomed 25 women into the Academy since its founding in 2017.--


“I have a lot of respect for the women in this Academy. Every time we meet, I see our collective strengths, confidence, and capabilities grow, which makes me feel good.”

- Veronica Urzua-Alvero, Church Brothers / True Leaf Farms

“The academy has increased my skill and confidence as a leader and helped me realize my ability to instill leadership in those around me. I look forward to sharing what I’ve learned in the academy with my colleagues, both women and men.”

- Melissa Shiffrar, Rancho Guadalupe

“I also see this as a way to get more involved in issues that are crucial to the survival of ag in California, especially the issues that affect Babe Farms and other issues that I feel passionate about.”

- Carrie Jordan, Babe Farms