Advocacy Committee

The UnitedAg Board of Directors establishes committees as the need arises to address certain ongoing issues or concerns. Committee chairs are members of the Board of Directors. UnitedAg committees are responsible for making sure that the organization focuses on its goals and objectives as detailed in the Strategic Plan, and are responsible for making recommendations to the Board of Directors on a range of issues

The Advocacy Committee is actively involved in the legislative agenda as it applies to the agricultural interests of UnitedAg members. In addition, the committee meets with key legislators and government officials, as well as other agricultural interest groups to discuss critical issues facing the agricultural industry. (Membership by appointment)

Current Members:

AJ, Cisney, Chairman
Rancho Guadalupe

Les Graulich
Plantel Nurseries, Inc.

Tom Amaro
Pacific Ag Consulting
Larry Peltzer
Peltzer Enterprises, Inc.

Mack Ramsay
Calberi, Inc. / Pacific Commerce Group, LLC

Rob Roy
Ventura County Ag. Association

Pat Regan
Regan Distributors Inc.

Steve Tripp
Pacific International Marketing

Donna France
Red Dog Management

Eric Davis
Associated Feed