Download Program Flyer

Download Program Flyer

Click here to download the Program Flyer in PDF.

Why Should I Become a UnitedAg Member Ambassador?

As a member ambassador, you will have opportunities to influence and have a say in policies/procedures that directly affect your company and their benefits by providing feedback directly to the source.

You will also gain a valuable network of professional contacts by attending special UnitedAg events including UnitedAg's Annual Conference. Your profile will be featured on UnitedAg’s social networks and website – brand recognition for your company.

Goals of the Program

  • Take what UnitedAg is already doing and make it better via our best asset: Our Members.

  • Launch new campaigns and drive product launches for Members more quickly with better results.

  • Develop close relationships with our Members.

  • Listen to feedback and proposed changes on UnitedAg health plans and implement them for the benefit of our Members.

  • Establish relationships and networks between Member companies.


Contact the Member Ambassador Program Coordinator, Christina Morley, at: or call 800.223.4590.

Application Process will Begin Fall 2019.